Purpose of Catholic Relief Services

Catholic Relief Services is committed to carrying out the Bishops of the United States' commitment to help the vulnerable and the poverty stricken around the world. The Gospel of Jesus Christ to preserve, uphold and cherish the dignity and sacredness of all humans, foster justice and charity and to embody the Catholic moral and social teachings in order to accomplish the following are the basis in which the organization moves forward.

They are committed to answering the call to fighting diseases, poverty, responding to disasters and nurturing just and peaceful societies. As part of the practice of the Catholic Church, they work together with local, national as well as international Catholic organizations and others to help people with their needs, without bias to race, creed or nationality.

Catholic Relief Services also helps to address the root causes of conflict, poverty and marginalization by examining the issues that directly affect the well-being and safety of the vulnerable and poor worldwide. The organization created a partnership with the USCCB, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops as well as other organizations of Catholicism to help develop positions of public policy with international and U.S. decision makers.

Catholic Relief Services also encourages the participation of Catholics both in the United States and abroad to help so that practices and policies that are beneficial to brothers and sisters worldwide can come to fruition. They offer a number of resources devoted to education, provide training and promote national campaigns, advocacy and speakers to create community involvement.

They help to bring food, medicine and other valuable resources to those in need worldwide. Through a worldwide network they are able to give to those in need that either cannot provide for themselves or are facing situations that are not in their control and need their basic necessities of food, water and shelter provided to them.


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